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Opticlock - Easy-to-Operate Optical Single-Ion Clock

28.04.2022 at 12:00 - 12:20

Hall A4 | Forum World of QUANTUM

Language: English

Type: Lecture

Lecture Description

Thanks to their unprecedented accuracy and stability, optical clocks or frequency standards can be used for sensing applications but are operated in scientific laboratories. We present the demonstrator “opticlock”. It is based on the 436 nm transition of a single trapped 171Yb+ ion and was developed by an industry-led consortium with financial support from BMBF/Germany. Opticlock consists of two transportable 19” racks. Its automatization allows for operation by users outside research laboratories. Instability and uncertainty are ~10 times better than the ones of a Hydrogen maser and reach low 10-17 levels. Operation with 99.8 % availability over more than 14 days has been achieved.