Review 2017: World premieres, innovations and more

Five halls with the latest products and solutions from photonics – visitors to LASER World of PHOTONICS could look forward to that. To shorten waiting times, we were providing a preview of exhibitor offerings here. The innovations of these and many other exhibitors could be admired live and in color at LASER World of PHOTONICS starting from 26 June.

BERLINER GLAS: High-precision as well as weight and volume savings

Video adaptor produced by Berlin Glas

SwissOptic AG – a company of the Berliner Glas Group – develops and produces high-precision concave or convex aspheres with diameters ranging from 12 to 300 mm from many different materials: optical glass,quartz glass, Zerodur®, crystalline materials and metals. One of its specialties is the development and production of lightweight structured aspherical mirrors. Lightweight structuring allows to reduce the weight of larger mirrors by up to 90 %, which is a key advantage for many systems especially airborne. SwissOptic AG offers the entire process chain from system development and optical design over the production and coating up to the qualification of the entire optical systems including quality assurance in-house. The focus lies on top quality small batches, whereby precision, flexibility and short delivery times are of crucial importance.

JENOPTIK: Creating future products with smart solutions

Jenoptik Logo

At this year’s LASER World of PHOTONICS, the Jena-based photonics group is shining its spotlight on the technology megatrends of the digital world, healthcare & life science, and mobility. Global megatrends such as the growth in digital networking, increasing health awareness, and efficiency improvements for production processes have resulted in a need for new, reliable technological solutions. Jenoptik will be showcasing some of these at this year’s LASER World of PHOTONICS, in the form of its optical precision systems and micro-optics, laser and machinery solutions for efficient laser material processing, and effective technologies for diagnostics and therapy. With these solutions, Jenoptik is supporting trendsetting developments in the automotive, medical technology, industrial, and consumer electronics sectors. Jenoptik will also be showcasing its highly efficient laser bars at the trade fair, which have been proven their worth in medical and industrial applications over the course of many years. The epi design of this semiconductor material is always optimized in terms of its efficiency and radiation characteristics.

TOPTICA: All Wavelengths. 190 nm - 0.1 THz


With the latest product releases, TOPTICA is able to offer a complete laser wavelength coverage from deep-UV (190 nm) to terahertz radiation (0.1 THz, corresponding to 3 mm). These lasers support a multitude of applications in biophotonics & microscopy, materials & metrology and quantum technology. By providing essential wavelengths like 193, 213, 244 or 266 nm, semicon inspection or lithography patterning for holographic applications are enabled with powerful and user-friendly diode lasers. A new fiber-based broadband laser provides pulses at wavelengths between 5 and 15 µm which supports imaging or near-field spectroscopy in this spectral re-gion. At even longer wavelengths, TOPTICA’s terahertz systems allow for high-speed measurements in non-destructive testing, plastic inspection or process control at the region of 0.1-6 THz.

TRUMPF: World premiere for the second TruDisk model

Disk laser produced by Trumpf

The high technology company TRUMPF will be presenting tomorrow’s laser technology at the trade fair. Klaus Löffler, Managing Director and Head of Sales at TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH, is extremely happy to announce that “for us, this will be a trade fair of superlatives. We can hardly wait for the show to begin. We want to show visitors to Munich our vision for the future of laser technology, including which technologies are becoming increasingly important, and the advantages for industrial and scientific applications.” A new beam guidance concept for ultrashort pulse lasers is taking center stage. New diode laser technology is another innovative highlight. In addition to these pioneering technologies, TRUMPF will present visitors to the trade fair in Munich on his 600 square meters booth numerous world premieres and innovations that are either already in use in production facilities or about to be launched on the market. The second TruDisk model from the new disk laser generation that was introduced only a few weeks ago will have its world premiere, as will a completely new range of marker laser products.