Laser systems—optimized production results through laser manufacturing

Laser technology is the manufacturing method of the future. Laser systems in manufacturing enable increased precision at faster production rates through more efficient processes while using less materials and resources.

No other production method can achieve the precision, speed and efficiency that laser-based methods can. Laser applications already facilitate groundbreaking modern production processes and have the potential to evolve into a universal tool. Only sophisticated laser systems can fulfil the increasingly demanding quality standards and performance specifications of today and tomorrow as they are already being used in the automotive and aerospace sector.

Essential manufacturing method: laser-based processes

Other industries can also benefit from laser systems as they have proven to be a more environmentally friendly and far more efficient alternative to conventional tools and processes:

  • Solid state lasers are one of the most powerful tools in photonics. Common applications range from laser drilling, laser cutting and laser engraving all the way to welding, brazing and curing using solid state lasers. The most commonly known kind of solid state laser is the fiber laser that enables remarkably efficient processes yielding high-grade products.
  • Marking lasers have become an indispensable tool in laser materials processing as they are compatible with almost any material. Laser deposition welding is a process with unique solutions and advantages for finishing treatments of economical surfaces.

Developing more efficient and environmentally friendly production processes is one of the great challenges of our time and laser-based production processes as the most advanced method available play a major role in such developments.

The jet engine manufacturer MTU offers an exciting insight into the world of aviation and explains why laser-supported manufacturing will be an important element of jet engine production in the future:

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Being the leading international exhibition for the laser and photonics industry, the goal of LASER World of PHOTONICS is to pool competencies and knowledge in this particular field and to act as a driving force that creates a professional environment in which vendors, specialists and interested individuals have access to sound information, have an opportunity to interact with each other and to establish a global network .

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All exhibitors in the area of laser systems for industrial production engineering at LASER World of PHOTONICS 2023.

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The LASER World of PHOTONICS product index is a helpful range of exhibits according to product groups covering, among others, the following areas:

  • Laser systems for micro- and macro processing systems
  • Laser systems for the production of organic and printed electronics
  • System periphery of laser production engineering
  • Laser-aided product design and development systems
  • Laser systems for various materials and applications
  • System integration and special-purpose systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Filter systems and laser-vapor extraction systems
  • Raw materials for material processing
  • Safety/protection against laser radiation
  • Test and measurement systems
  • Contract production, job shop and services

Product index

LASER World of PHOTONICS offers a unique chance to actively participate in shaping the photonics industry. Exhibitors, trade press and interested individuals are hence invited to join in and gather inspiration for the future today.

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