Optical communication and information technology: data transmission of the future

The amounts of data generated across sectors is continuously growing, giving rise to challenges in transmission, processing and storage applications. The ever-expanding data transmission bandwidth now uses a tiny light particle, a photon, to carry what is now more relevant than ever: information.

Our information society produces staggering amounts of data while growth rates keep soaring beyond imagination: While the total volume of digital data according to statista.com was 16.1 zettabytes in 2016, the prognosis for 2025 is a volume of 163 zettabytes. According to this, today’s massive data volume will increase more than tenfold. Without the unprecedented transmission capacities of optical information technology, there would be no way to meet these exploding capacity requirements.

Optical communication and information technology: data transmission of the future

Optical components and media for data transmission have some significant advantages over their electrical counterparts: Compared to copper cables, the utilization of fiber optic cables is easier, more flexible and needs less space while it lowers the fire risk due to reduced heat generation. The almost unlimited bandwidth of fibre optical applications (80 Tbit/sec) surpasses electrical transmission (50 Mbit/sec) many times over. In addition to that, multiple independent data channels can be transmitted over vast distances with low losses..

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Apart from fibre optical applications, lasers for data transmission are relevant as well: Again, it is photons that enable communication, however, there is no use of fiber optic cables or other optical waveguides. Optical free space transmission is an example of a very flexible, wireless and tap-proof method of data transmission that is already being used by militaries, authorities, banks and other organizations. This technology only requires a clear line of sight and a distance within range. This technology has even proven effective for satellite communication in space.

However, new developments in the field of optical information technology do not stop there. They consistently drive progress with innovative ideas and pioneering efforts. The potential for future applications is enormous.

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Optical components, fibre optical technologies and optical information systems are indispensable in our information era. Being the world’s leading photonics trade fair and the industry's think tank, the 2023 edition of LASER World of PHOTONICS will treat optical information and communication as a core topic of the future. Leading companies and institutes will take the opportunity to draw attention to their products and technologies while expanding their networks to their advantage.

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