Optics and photonics: the basics of modern laser technology

The available knowledge in the optics domain provides an overview of possibilities available for controlling light. That makes optics an indispensable discipline in utilizing lasers. Without optical products, neither photonics nor lasers could be used at all.

Optics and photonics: the basics of modern laser technology

Optical components are indispensable for laser-based processes and play a vital part in the success story that is laser technology. Commodities such as cameras, eyeglasses or microscopes are commonly associated with the field of optics. However, the field of optical applications has significantly expanded as optical components and elements are crucial in all areas of photonics as well:

  • Photonic crystals and metamaterials are examples for important applications in nano/microsystems technology, which is successfully used in transportation, electrical and medical engineering.
  • Suitable lasers and optical processes facilitate spectroscopy in the field of molecular and nuclear spectra research, advancing environmental analysis, astronomy and even the semiconductor industry.
  • Using light as highly efficient data carrier significantly drives development in information and communication technology, contributing to digital progress.
  • In medical engineering, laser processes can be used in biomedical treatment methods and therapies.

It is evident that optical components and their applications in photonics are of great importance. Optical components and processes will shape the future of procedures, methods and technologies in research as well as industrial applications.

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As a pioneering photonics platform and the industry’s think tank, LASER World of PHOTONICS offers a professional environment as a basis for a unique network of competencies, which is unrivalled by any other network in the world. Hence it is not surprising that leading research facilities such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering (IOF) in Jena, Germany, but also pioneering companies in the field of laser technology are among our regular exhibitors.

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