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The concept of the World of QUANTUM

The unique exhibition concept of World of QUANTUM is based on three pillars and thus perfectly meets the needs of the quantum community:

It is exactly the right format for the stage quantum technology is currently at: The combination of companies, start-ups, forums, poster sessions and networking, linked with LASER World of PHOTONICS is the ideal platform to present the innovative products based on quantum technology and to discuss the application fields with potential customers.

3 pillars concept matches the Quantum Community

Presenting innovative concepts (exhibition area)

Whether raw stand space or attractive complete packages - the World of QUANTUM puts every member of the QT community in the right light: Whether research associations, institutes, quantum clusters, manufacturers of enabling components, key players or start-ups - the exhibition formats in the World of QUANTUM take every presentation wish into account: In addition to demo points for exhibits and demonstrators, there are also advertising spaces and individual lounge and sponsoring offers.

Inform about current research in quantum technologies (information area)

The focus here is on the exchange of knowledge in quantum technologies: An exciting program of lectures will take place at the Forum World of QUANTUM on all days of the fair, with experts highlighting all facets of quantum technologies. Topics include:

  • Quantum Funding Politics
  • Quantum Market Insights
  • Quantum Politics & Governance
  • Quantum Computing & Quantum Simulation
  • Quantum Communication
  • Quantum Imaging & Sensing
  • Photonic Enabling Technologies for Quantum systemsQuantum Education & Career

Finding partners and investors (networking area)

The inviting networking lounges of the World of QUANTUM bring technology start-ups and scientists directly together with industry representatives, visitors, experts and investors and offer the best opportunities to make new contacts and advance upcoming Quan-tum projects a good deal.

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Participation formats for the World of QUANTUM

Running parallel to LASER World of PHOTONICS

Exhibitors and visitors alike expressly welcome the co-location with LASER World of PHOTONICS and consider it to be very important. This is because quantum technology is based to a large extent on photonics, since many quantum solutions are a result of it.

Quantum technology opens the door to a new age - because it is about the measurability and controllability of individual light quanta. Exhibitors at LASER World of PHOTONICS develop and manufacture the necessary instrumentation for this in the form of:

  • highly precise beam sources
  • polarizers
  • optical resonators
  • photon counters
  • frequency combs
  • vacuum and cryogenic technology
  • atom and ion traps.

In this way, they create the basis for rapid transfers of quantum technologies to industrial and medical applications. Where even magnetic fields and dynamic effects at the level of elementary particles - including photons and electrons - become measurable and controllable, unimagined potential opens up in computer technology, digital communication, medical diagnostics, materials research, navigation and climate or disaster protection. Governments around the world have recognized this and are now directing billions of euros in funding into the future field of quantum technology.

Support from strong partners

At the World of QUANTUM, you will be in good fellowship with the key players: market leaders from photonics such as Toptica or TRUMPF, industry-related research institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institutes or alliances and industry associations such as Munich Quantum Valley and SPECTARIS support the World of QUANTUM, as do leading quantum companies - including IBM, for example.

World of QUANTUM is powered by the following partners:

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Exhibition areas of the World of QUANTUM

All players and stakeholders in the field of quantum technologies – from development to application and use. Inform yourself.

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New at LASER World of PHOTONICS 2022: World of QUANTUM

Quantum technology opens the door to a new age.