On the premiere of the World of QUANTUM, a current study by SPECTARIS and Messe München analyzes growth potentials of photonics in quantum technologies.

With the first World of Quantum event as part of LASER World of PHOTONICS 2022, Messe München has sent out a powerful signal: quantum technologies are no longer just a research topic discussed behind closed laboratory doors. They are in fact a young growth market with enormous potential. To coincide with the start of the trade fair in April, SPECTARIS and Messe München therefore published the Photonics@Quantum market study. It was produced by a team of authors from the French consultancy firm TEMATYS which specializes in optical systems, photonics, sensors and imaging as well as quantum technologies and their markets.

According to the team’s analysis, the global market volume for quantum systems will increase six-fold by 2030 as part of the second quantum revolution. As a result, annual sales will increase to €2.33 billion. The study identifies the strong expansion of applications in the key market segments of quantum communications, quantum computing, and quantum sensors and measurement as drivers. Quantum sensors will pave the way for GPS-free navigation, take medical imaging and diagnostics to a new level and lead to the quantum Internet via the intermediate stage of local quantum communication networks. The team of authors also expects rapid progress in quantum computing in the years ahead.

In addition to providing a basic explanation of the building blocks, processes and applications, the study also provides insights into global funding programs for quantum technologies. It takes an in-depth look at the contributions of optical and photonic component suppliers to the second quantum revolution and profiles key players in this new market. At the same time, it provides an overview of the players in the three market segments, while the authors look in detail at the USA and Europe as quantum markets. On this basis, they provide an analysis of the current market volume, which they put at €485.5 million in 2022, and an outlook for development up to 2030. According to TEMATYS, the total turnover of €2.33 billion will be made up of a good €500 million in the area of sensors and measurement technology, almost €550 million in quantum communications and €1.27 billion worldwide in quantum computing. This study too is rounded off by a detailed interview, this time with Dr. Katrin Kobe, CEO of the Bosch quantum sensor start-up, and Dr. Thomas Renner, CSO of TOPTICA Photonics AG.

Download the study free of charge here: Photonics@Quantum