“The chance for a successful new start”

The German federal government recently presented its action plan for quantum technologies. The IT association Bitkom sees quantum computing as an opportunity for a successful new beginning.

According to the IT association Bitkom, the “action concept for quantum technologies” offers the chance for a successful new start for the German IT industry. In order to seize it, however, an increase in funding and a stronger focus on relevant software for quantum computing and on industry-related applications are required. That’s because this isn’t a matter of developing the previous binary IT—instead, it’s a radical upheaval in which the cards are being reshuffled worldwide. “An opportunity like this won’t come around again anytime soon. We have to make deliberate use of it”, says Bitkom president Achim Berg.

According to the association, the announced increase in public funding to €3 billion, which the federal government is providing for research and application of quantum technologies, is at best enough to keep pace compared to other European countries. It indicates that, compared to the disproportionately higher state investments in China or the USA, however, the subsidy amount is hardly sufficient. In order to achieve the ambitious goals of the action plan, a quick, goal-oriented use of funds is all the more important. The association is therefore calling for more support for companies to get started and access quantum technologies. It also says that the potential benefits of the technology must also become more visible in practice. In its view, the federal government’s action plan still focuses too much on the development of quantum technology hardware. A stronger focus on the development of software and industry-relevant applications is required.

You can find out first-hand about the latest technology and the rapid advances in quantum technologies from June 27 to 30, 2023. At the same time, the World of QUANTUM will take place parallel to the LASER World of PHOTONICS and automatica at the Munich exhibition center. You will find all the important players in this young industry in Hall A1.