Biophotonics: use of lasers in medical engineering

The utilization of lasers in medical engineering allows for greater precision in diagnostics and increased reliability of treatments. The use of laser-based methods increases the chances for patients and doctors to diagnose medical conditions at an early stage, hence making treatments more effective.

Innovative treatment methods: optical medical procedures

Until now it seemed impossible to perform in-depth examinations of cell bonds without extracting tis-sue from living organisms. Photonic diagnostics optimizes screenings without subjecting the patient to an invasive procedure.

Biophotonics methods enable transparent localization of affected areas: Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) use laser radiation to determine material properties as the laser penetrates deep into human tissue layers and provides information on the progression of a medical condition through imaging. Even the smallest indications in the tissue can be detected with laser-based microscopy in connection with fluorescence technology, facilitating treatment at an early stage of progression. This also helps avoiding unnecessary surgeries and associated risks.

In addition, certain medical conditions can be treated with laser treatment systems: Application areas range from ophthalmology and implantology to research on Alzheimer's, cellular metabolism, stem cell research and even tumor biology. For example, scientists of the LMU Munich are researching the targeted destruction of brain tumors using photodynamic therapy, which will replace surgical removal of cancerous areas. LASER World of PHOTONICS provides a detailed insight into this technology in the following video:

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Interview on biophotonics research

As an innovative medical engineering branch, biophotonics is a relatively new and yet very significant discipline. Hence World of PHOTONICS Congress is particularly committed to this field. Researchers, medical professionals and manufacturers meet here to jointly pave the way for targeted new developments based on various perspectives.

Which exhibitors are there in the medical technology sector?

LASER World of PHOTONICS emphasised the importance of biophotonic processes early on, which is why it is now the central meeting place for the most important players and experts. With its finger on the pulse of the industry, interested parties can continue to discover the latest new developments in 2023 and obtain in-depth information on devices, applications and forecasts in dialogue with experts.

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LASER World of PHOTONICS acknowledged the importance of biophotonics applications at an early stage, which made it the important meeting point of key stakeholders and experts it is today. In 2023, this event at the very heart of the industry will once again offer an insight into the latest developments along with an opportunity to extensively discuss devices, applications and outlooks with experts.