Energy generation and illumination at the fair: potentials of photonics

Global energy resources are limited. In view of climate change and its devastating consequences for man and the environment there is a desperate need for innovation in generation, storage and limiting consumption of energy. An approach based on photonics offers visionary solutions.

Energy generation using fossil fuels or even nuclear power plants is no longer a viable option for long-term supply of households and industries with heat and electricity. Renewable energies are now at the center of long-term solutions.

Based on photonics processes: valuable systems for energy storage and sustainable lighting

Those renewable sources of energy, such as wind turbines, hydroelectric power plants and solar energy, can only be of good use when combined with energy storage solutions with the capability to buffer the fluctuating output of these sources. The variants based on the principle of photonics have a particular impact in this regard:
  • When using photovoltaic systems without any energy storage system, the generated solar power must be used immediately. When combined with rechargeable accumulators, however, electrical energy can be conserved for future use. There are particularly promising results from using lithium-ion batteries for sensible and efficient energy use as opposed to the more widely used lead batteries. (Latent) heat accumulators are another example for sensible energy storage, which are particularly suitable for the industrial sector.
  • Fuel cells convert the energy contained in hydrogen to electrical energy, which can then be used for a wide range of applications—from off-grid power supply for private households and mobile applications in electric vehicles, military and aerospace applications all the way to electronics such as handheld mobile devices. Due to their high cost, fuel cells are not yet very commonly used, however, their long service life and high efficiency offer great potential for future developments.
  • Compressed air reservoirs offer great capabilities for the energy revolution as they have the potential to store surplus wind and solar power in large quantities over long periods of time. Storage in caverns is particularly suitable for storing large amounts of surplus energy. In this process, the energy is converted to hydrogen or biomethane, stored in caverns and can be released when demand increases.
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The illumination sector offers additional measures for economical energy use: The development of LEDs and OLEDs, which are particularly reliable light sources with a long service life, help achieve huge energy savings. They are not only used in private households but also in industrial applications and urban street lighting. In addition, innovative illumination concepts such as adaptive illumination systems and intelligent illumination control systems are being developed and optimized, defining the standards of tomorrow.

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Photonics offers visionary solutions.
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Renewable energies are now at the center of long-term solutions.
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LEDs and OLEDs are particularly reliable light sources with a long service life.
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Generation, storage and limiting consumption of energy

LASER World of PHOTONICS: The trade fair for illumination and energy

World of Photonics Congress offers a platform for dialog between scientists, developers, manufacturers and users. Presentations on groundbreaking product developments and inspiring lectures by leading specialists and international experts offer attendees great inspiration for overcoming current issues and hurdles in the area of energy and illumination.

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The LASER World of PHOTONICS product index is a helpful range of exhibits according to product groups covering, among others, the following areas:

  • LEDs and OLEDs
  • Adaptive illumination systems
  • Intelligent illumination control systems
  • Photovoltaics and renewable energies
  • Laser processing equipment for crystalline photovoltaics
  • Laser coating technology
  • Manufacturing equipment for organic solar cells

LASER World of PHOTONICS is the perfect opportunity to get informed about latest possibilities, products and services for increasing energy efficiency in specific applications.