Imaging—laser-based quality control

Imaging is an essential technology for meeting today’s stringent quality specifications. This cutting-edge technology enables revolutionary testing possibilities for automated manufacturing processes.

Sample inspection was once a common quality assurance measure. However, such processes are not accurate enough to ensure adherence to guidelines and specifications as well as to make sound statements on production quality. Sophisticated manufacturing sectors using automated and fast processes have a particular requirement for a method that unambiguously identifies vulnerabilities and errors. Sample inspection does not at all meet such requirements.

Imaging: an indispensable photonics testing technology

Sampling has now been replaced by imaging that enables holistic assurance and fulfilment of today’s production guidelines: Continuous checks based on image acquisition and imaging and machine vision facilitate precise and fast quality assurance in automated processes. Laser-based cameras and optical sensors enable contactless probing of structures and their visual representation. Barcode scanners in retail applications are a common example for this technology.

However, imaging has a much larger potential: Not only two-dimensional but also three-dimensional structures and even entire environments can be captured by laser-based data acquisition and stored as an image. Irregularities, deviations and errors on surfaces or bodies are reliably detected by this highly precise measuring technology and can hence be remedied at an early stage or traced back at a later point in time. There is currently no method more suitable for ensuring quality specifications in industrial applications.

LASER World of PHOTONICS: the trade fair for laser-based imaging

As the leading global think tank for photonics, LASER World of PHOTONICS recognized the relevance of this technology at an early stage and laser-based imaging has been one of its core technologies for a long time.

Product index

The LASER World of PHOTONICS product index is a helpful range of exhibits according to product groups covering, among others, the following areas:

  • Applications: measurement, recognition, inspection, identification, quality control, security systems
  • Industrial image processing: software, image recording and analysis, machine vision system
  • Displays: Display assemblies and elements
  • Monitor assemblies, display assemblies and elements
  • Cameras and camera modules and systems
  • Pattern recognition systems

Exhibitor directory

The LASER World of PHOTONICS exhibitor list is ideal for looking up specific information on any exhibitor.

Laser is a highly efficient, precise, fast, flexible and non-material tool. There is no method more suitable for industrial manufacturing applications than laser-based imaging. This method can be experienced first-hand at LASER World of PHOTONICS.