Growth spurt in the OLED market

The U.S./Japanese market research and consulting firm predicts that the growth spurt will reach a peak in 2020. The global sales of OLED displays will rise rapidly by a third to USD 43 billion, according to their most recent forecast. By 2022, the growth curve will flatten out. But market volume will still increase to USD 50.2 billion. To put this in perspective: in 2017, it was USD 23.4 billion.

During this growth phase, there will also be a shift in OLED applications, believes DSCC. While at present 86 percent of sales revenue is generated from smartphone screens, by 2022 this will fall to 75 percent. On the one hand, this will be due to the drastic fall in unit costs of OLED-based smartphone screens and, on the other, by rapid growth in the TV market, predict the consultants. Accordingly, sales of OLED and QD (Quantum Dot) OLED devices will increase at rates of 80 percent per annum, reaching a volume of USD 13 billion by 2022.

Flexible and folding screens

Display Supply Chain Consultants also expect to see changes in the OLED technologies that are used. For example, flexible screens will oust rigid OLED screens from the top spot by 2021. Because of the advantages of flexible and folding displays in mobile devices and the falling production costs, the consultants also expect that OLEDs will leave LCD display tech-nology behind. According to DSCC, this will be the case from 2022.

Growth in the OLED market is also responsible for a growth spurt in the materials market. The consultants expect that the market for OLED materials will grow to USD 2.04 billion by 2022. Last year, sales revenue in this area was USD 829 million. The growth driver is the increasing demand for OLED screens for smartphones and TVs.

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