Guided Tours

Also at LASER World of PHOTONICS 2019, trade fair visitors were accompanied by experts from established research institutions on selected topics as part of guided tours.

Solving problems made easy: Do you have a concrete problem for which you need the advice of a professional? Then you should participate in one of our guided tours.

Duration: Approx. 2 hours
Registration: Pre-registration necessary, limited number of persons per group, no additional participation fee
Meeting point: Speical show: Photons in Production (Hall A3, Booth A3.251)

Experts from the Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management (iwb) and the Bavarian Laser Center (blz) kicked things off with an introductory presentation on the topic and then went into greater detail on a guide tour of selected innovation drivers in the respective sector.

Experts from the iwb and the blz were available to answer questions after the tour.

The guided tours gave visitors a specific overview on the following topics:

Tuesdeay, June 25, 2019

Inline process monitoring of laser beam welding (iwb)

Laser beam welding as a future-oriented joining technology enables a high degree of flexibility in production. In order to achieve reproducible and reliable welding results, increasingly diverse systems for intelligent process monitoring are being developed and qualified for application within production processes.

The guided tour therefore provides you an overview of the latest system technology, direct contact with manufacturers and a comprehensive outlook on future developments.

Guidance and shaping of high power laser radiation (blz)

Due to the development of new beam sources, ever increasing laser power is available for materials processing, in the past few years. In order to use this high power in the most effective way, it is of a great importance to consider carefully in advance, how the laser beam should be applied to the work piece. The guided tour gives insight into different possibilities for the guidance and shaping of high power laser radiation and presents the portfolio of selected providers.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

If you are interested in these topics we cordially invite you to the special show "Photons in Production" in hall A3, booth A3.251.

Laser beam welding using visible laser radiation (iwb)

Within the scope of electric mobility, copper is becoming increasingly important as a material for electrically conductive components. Welding processes, e.g. for contracting high-voltage batteries, offer great potential for further optimization. The low absorptivity of copper materials for laser radiation in the infrared range motivates the development of new laser sources emitting radiation in the visible range. The participants of this guided tour will gain an insight into current developments and the latest system technology around laser beam welding in the visible wavelength range.

Current trends in laser drilling (blz)

Short and ultrashort pulsed lasers offer outstanding opportunities for the flexible and precise generation of micro drillings. During the guided tour "Current trends in laser drilling" participants will not only get to know new technologies in this field. Furthermore, they will learn which techniques are most suitable for their production processes from leading suppliers of laser system technology.


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