Special show “Photons in Production”

Visit the special show “Photons in Production” in hall B3. Experts from the Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management (iwb) at the Technical University of Munich, the Bavarian Laser Center Erlangen (blz) and the Chair of Photonic Technologies at the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg await you on more than 300 square meters of exhibition space. You will gain a comprehensive insight into current trends and research results in the field of laser materials processing.

This year again, a Solution Center will be offered at the special show booth, where you can get independent advice from scientists free of charge.

As a special highlight, two live demonstrations await you. On the one hand, you will see a demonstration of process monitoring for the beam shaping in terms of ring-mode lasers. On the other hand, a networked laser material processing system with a fully interconnected inline quality assurance using artificial intelligence will be presented.

Other topics in 2023:

  • Applications for laser welding, cutting and drilling for the electric mobility

  • High-speed speckle averaging for phase-pure beam shaping in laser material processing

  • Innovative processes and applications for laser-based additive manufacturing

  • Additive manufacturing for pharmaceutical products

  • Hyperspectral imaging for temperature determination in laser material processing

  • Laser Safety


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