Floor plan for LASER World of PHOTONICS 2023

The LASER World of PHOTONICS floor plan facilitates orientation for all attendees of the world’s leading trade fair for optoelectronics.

The goal of the world’s leading photonics trade fair is to provide a clear overview of this domain. The LASER World of PHOTONICS hall map is available for download so that attendees have access to information on where to find specific industries or application areas.

Clear overview

  • Clear and compact
  • Highlighted essential points of orientation such as entrances, taxi stand, airport shuttle stop , parking and atrium
  • Color-coded halls according to fair segments
  • Clearly structured fair layout according to focal areas such as imaging , laser technology and medical engineering
  • Highlighted information and activity stands as well as forum locations
Download the fairgrounds map
Hall A1 | World of QUANTUM

With the addition of the exhibition area World of QUANTUM, the LASER World of PHOTONICS will explore the most exciting field of the future in photonics: quantum technology and its potential applications in areas including computing and cryptography, sensing and imaging, communications, and medicine.

World of QUANTUM

Hall A2| Sensors, Test and Measurement/ Optical Measurement Systems

Measurement systems for laser characterization, Measurement and analysis systems for optical parameters, Systems for measuring optical parameters of devices and systems, Opti-cal measurement systems, Optical sensors

Laser-aided test and measurement systems

Holographic systems and components

Sensors, Test and Measurement/ Optical Measurement Systems

Hall A2/A3 |Laser Systems for Production Engineering

Material processing systems, System peripherals of laser production engineering, Laser-based additive manufacturing, Laser systems for various materials, Laser systems for various applications, Laser systems for production of organic and printed electronics, Raw materials for material processing, System integration

Laser Systems for Production Engineering

Hall B1 | Optics/ Manufacturing Technology for Optics

Raw materials, Crystals, Processed components, Optical lenses, Diffractive optics, Optical transmission components, Design software for passive optical components, Systems for cleaning and maintenance of optics

Optical manufacturing equipment for optical systems, Optical manufacturing processes for optical systems, Manufacturing materials for optical systems, Optical coating materials, Adhesives for optical systems

Optics/ Manufacturing Technology for Optics

Hall B2/B3 | Laser and Optoelectronics

Solid-state lasers, Gas lasers, Diode lasers, Fibre lasers, Laser system components, Safety/ protection against laser radiation, Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and components, OLEDs, Non-coherent light and radiation sources, Electro-optics, Acousto-optics, Opto-electronic tubes, Opto-electronic components, Optical systems, Opto-mechanics, Software for laser and optics, Placement and assembly systems

Laser and Optoelectronics

Hall B2 | Biophotonics and Medical Engineering

Applications: Medicine, Biotechnology, Environment and nutrition

Methods and techniques: Spectroscopy, Microscopy and imaging, Therapies, Manipulation techniques

Biophotonics and Medical Engineering

Hall B3 | Optical Information and Communication

Fibers, cabling, connectors and distribution, Active optical components and subsystems, Passive optical components and subsystems, Fibre optical test and measurement, Process and assembly equipment for fibre optical applications

Optical Information and Communication


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