Photonics and optoelectronics—today’s and tomorrow’s cutting-edge technology

Photonics and optoelectronics are the key technologies of the future. More and more industries are discovering their own potential applications of laser technology. However, tapping into the full potential of the technology requires suitable components.

There are many common application errors in laser technology: when playing electronic storage media such as Blu-ray discs, when reading barcodes using corresponding readers, when used as an important tool in cutting and welding processes for mechanical engineering or mechatronics applications or even in the expansive field of testing and measuring technology based on optical sensors.

But the application areas of photonics are not limited to entertainment and industry; they are far more diverse than most people would think: There is hardly any industry that does not currently benefit from this innovative technology and for which laser-based processes and methods are not of great significance. Tapping into this enormous potential requires suitable optoelectronics: sophisticated ultra-high-precision components needed for well-designed laser processes.

Lasers and optoelectronics: technologies of tomorrow

In the meantime, many applications in the field of photonics have been created, serving industries that did not previously use laser technology:

The laser-optical applications within the photonics market generate a global annual turnover of more than 355 billion euros. There are more than 5,000 laser technology companies with more than 350,000 employees in Europe alone. Technical development in the photonics sector keeps progressing rapidly and further growth is to be expected. New beam sources, innovative optomechanical system components and ever more advanced applications are continuously developed and marketed. That also applies to the necessary optoelectronics technology.

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LASER World of PHOTONICS offers the latest developments and innovative applications in the field of lasers & optoelectronics.
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Innovative system components of optomechanics
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LASER World of PHOTONICS brings together all the major players in the industry and makes profitable contacts.
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Cutting edge technology of today and tomorrow

LASER World of PHOTONICS—the trade fair for lasers and optoelectronics

Lasers along with their components and control systems are a key technology of the future and have been an integral part of LASER World of PHOTONICS from the very beginning. The world’s largest trade fair for lasers and photonics in Munich is the best place to gather information on latest developments, innovative applications and necessary control software and to meet leading photonics manufacturers and service providers.

Product index

The LASER World of PHOTONICS product index (PDF, 296 KB) is a helpful range of exhibits according to product groups covering, among others, the following areas:

  • Beam sources
  • System components
  • Laser components
  • Safety/protection against laser radiation
  • Optoelectronics and optomechanics
  • Software

Exhibitor directory

The LASER World of PHOTONICS exhibitor list is ideal for looking up specific information on any exhibitor.

Hence LASER World of PHOTONICS aims to encourage the use of light and its wide range of established and innovative applications. LASER World of PHOTONICS is just the place to be if you want to learn more: This is where all important stakeholders of the industry gather, discuss the latest developments in the field of photonics and optoelectronics—and network to everyone’s advantage.