Integrated Photonics Area

The meeting place for the integrated photonics community


Be part of the Integrated Photonics Area

Show your solutions to visitors from industry sectors such as: Information and communications; Sensors and IoT; Automotive and aerospace; Medical and diagnostics.
To exhibit in the "Integrated Photonics Area", please use the regular exhibitor application and mention "Integrated Photonics Area" in the allocation comments.

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3 pillars for the integrated photonics community

Exhibition area

Diverse exhibitors showcasing concepts through to device realization and beyond. Exhibitors can choose:

  • Individual booth with own company design
  • Prepared stand packages
  • Attractive demo points

Information area

Get informed and pitch to investors

  • Coordinated by EPIC and Photon Delta
  • Applications Stage by EPIC
  • Exhibitors can participate with company pitches

Networking area

Discuss technology and meet partners

  • Lounge area with snack bar
  • Networking events
  • Sponsoring options for exhibitors

Integrated Photonics Applications Stage

A series of dynamic and informative pitch sessions provides a platform for industry leaders, key players and innovators to discuss ideas and common challenges and explore the future of integrated photonics in technology-driven applications. Participants can look forward to engaging presentations spread across specialized sessions:


This session will highlight the pivotal role of integrated photonics in revolutionizing telecommunications and data communications, focusing on the latest developments in fiber-optic technologies, high-speed data transmission and network infrastructure improvements.

Artificial Intelligence

Explores the intersection of integrated photonics and AI. We will discuss the integration of optical technologies in AI systems, including advances in photonic neural networks and the potential for optical computing to enhance machine learning processes.

Solid-state LiDARs

Dive into the advancements in LIDAR technologies facilitated by integrated photonics, essential for applications in autonomous driving, aerospace, environmental monitoring and mapping.

Medical sensors

Discover how integrated photonics is influencing the medical field, with insights into new diagnostic tools, imaging technologies and wearable devices that utilize novel photonic chips.

Sponsoring options

  • Networking event
  • Snack bar sponsoring
  • Sponsors board

If you are interested in sponsoring the Integrated Photonics Area, please contact us for an individual offer:

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